2011 Germany-Holland-3


Travelling from Norfolk we caught the ferry at Dover and from Calais made our way through France and Belgium. We stopped over at Klusserath on the Moselle on the way to the Black Forest to buy some wine and have a break as this was roughly half way to the start of our tour. We did manage a bike ride from Klusserath and enjoyed a meal at an Italian Restaurant at Mehring before seeing a barge through a lock.


 Black Forest

We travelled to Titisee, staying at Buhihof Camping, it was quite a steep entry. The weather was good. A walk around the lake and then a meal started the holiday off. Chris and Emma went into Switzerland to a zoo when Gillian and I went on a train journey with Toby. We used our bikes a lot as the bike tracks are very good. A walk into Hinterzarten is a must, if just to see the sky slopes, views are brilliant.


We travelled North from the Black Forest to Rudesheim on the Rhine, a bit annoyed as Camping Am Rein Rudesheim charged for a caravan plus camper, Weather was good so we went on the lift to the view over the Rhine, started coming over dark so we quickly decided to catch the lift back, wrong move we got caught on the lift in a big thunderstorm, got soaken wet as there were no sides to 2 man cars. Next day Gillian and I went on a bike ride to Eltville and found a beer festival. We then moved to Loreley, Gillian’s favourite camp site as there are plenty of boats passing. We went to the top of Loreley to see the views and and also a bike and ferry ride.



We travelled along the Rhine towards Koblenz but as there was a festival on we could not get near enough to bike in so we camped at Cochem. We caught a train into Koblenz but with the festival on most sights were cordened off, with No Dogs Allowed, as we had Toby with us we could not get near viewpoints. A car had been set up across the Rhine, which we would have loved to go on but again No Dogs. The weather was much better then the Rhine but after quite a few festivals, walks, bottles of wine and bike rides, it was time to move on, this time to Holland.


We made good time and had the camp site we wanted to find within our TomTom just North of Amsterdam, but getting late and the small roads past Durgerdam, we stopped at Kinselmeer.

There was an easy route in via bus to Amsterdam from here, but it rained very heavy when we reached the city. In between showers we saw the sites.

Chris & Emma went back to the city the following day but Gillian and I went on a bike ride north, we passed the camp site we were looking for about another 8 mile on, looked a good site but harder to get into Amsterdam. The views were brilliant on the cycle ride and we finished up at Marken Island. We then travelled north to see the Breezanddijk, a dam protecting North Holland from the North Sea.

To end the holiday on a relaxing note we made our way to Recreation Park Droomgaard, near Brede, this has Efteling Amusement Park near by.

After one last cycle ride in the woods nearby we packed up for the long journey home, back to England. 


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